Why choose us

It is often true that when what you are looking for high-quality, you’ll be asked to give up affordability or convenience. And vice versa. If you need quick attention, you’ll need to sacrifice expert-level workmanship. But not with us.

Because we believe that our reliable convenience is part of what makes us the preferred dry cleaning and laundry service in, we simply keep it as a focus in everything we do, without letting it compromise our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning excellence.

Our crew will pick up and deliver at any location and do so with a smile; and not just for our contract laundry service customers, but for anyone; even if you have just one shirt or blouse needing cleaning. We believe it is this commitment to our customers that make us stand out from our competitors and what drives us to be the best.

After several years of serving local residents and businesses with expert dry cleaning and laundry, we’ve streamlined our processes to be eco-friendly, without sacrificing our excellent quality. Delivering pristinely clean and spotless clothing and other personal items on a daily basis, we’re proud to have serviced thousands of customers in our relatively short history.

From the cleaning of the basic white shirt, to the care and restoration of vintage clothing items, our services are unparalleled as we use only proven cleaning methods meant to prolong and protect the life of your personal items.

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors choose Revitalize Dry Cleaners for all of their laundry needs by contacting us today. We’re looking forward to making you our next happy customer.